The worlds most popular Asian Pornstar, here she is!

She is very popular here in the United States and even more popular over in Europe, one thing that I was totally unaware of was that Hot Asian Pornstar Asa Akira is actually the number one celebrity in porn in every single country in Asia. I’m talking about places even like China where photography is banned but obviously a lot of it gets through via the Internet and on DVDs, and she is even there the most requested pornstar out of them all. I mean this girl is even more popular than Phoenix Marie or Lisa Ann, that happened to be the most popular porn stars worldwide honestly with the exception of the countries that were talking about right now.


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches (157 cm)
Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Measurements: 32C-24-32
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Personal Details:
Age: 29 years OLD
Date of Birth: January 2, 1986
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: New York City, NY USA
Ethnicity: Japanese
Race: Asian

Additional info:
Tattoos: Birds back of neck; 5 flowers left shoulder; Cherry blossoms left shoulder blade; Rose right shoulder blade; Star inside left forearm; “Mis / Concepcion” right ankle
Piercings: None
Aliases: Asa, Akira
Started in 2006 at approx 20 years old

I would invite you to see a few of her live porn videos and then you will understand exactly why she is one of the hottest Asian stars online, Asa Akira is on a roll, her live WebCam porn show career bloomed the very day that she started. If I told you that her last show was watched by hundreds of thousands of members, not tens of thousands, but we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people actually sat down to watch her getting fucked live.

Among the top eight most popular adult models in activity at this time number one in her continent and number five here in the United States. These are numbers, these are figures, but they are also facts, and this is why she’s up there because she is one of the most talented adult models that have ever existed and once again you have to watch one of her live performances as they come up very often on the website that I have linked a couple of times in this blog post.

The most popular Asian Pornstar according to the adult industry

I really didn’t think that much of her when I first noticed her among the many that do Porn Movies Live on the network that I just linked as you can see in this paragraph. I really never thought that she would have been as famous as she is today, I really never knew that she was so capable of doing what she does, that’s because maybe I didn’t even follow her that much to truly understand what an incredible pornstar she is. From the moment that I did decide to follow her and to see what she was made of I then realized that she was by far the most powerful at her job and I can stand here today and say that she is the number one Asian adult model that there is and has ever been in the porno industry.

It’s not just Webcam Porn, but it’s everything else that surrounds her, if you think that she worked for Playboy, for Penthouse, that she’s been nominated at the AVN awards in Las Vegas so many times and at home she must have a wall full of awards for what she’s done and considering her young age I’m sure that she has at least another two decades in front of her if she wants to in this sector of the incident business.

asa-asa akira porn slut asian

Said that you can also follow her on the safe for work version of as you can see it is linked in this paragraph. Click on the link and have fun, and when I say safe for work I mean there is no nudity, no pornography just a lot of information about the main website and all the models that work for them.

I love her I love live porn

What I really wanted to say is that I love her even more now that she is one of them Pornstars on webcam, now that she is doing live porn as well as traditional porn videos that have made her today one of the most popular pornstars on the face of the earth. One thing I would like to share though, is that her live performances show a lot more of her and obviously in a very positive way, it brings out a lot of what she really is and not just walked the producers want her to be. I love the fact that she wants to interact with all her fans, always and that in many cases she will take care of her fans requests in real time and very often she will do as they want her to do or say what they want her to say, interaction for her is something very important, she loves to be in contact with her fans that is the most important thing for her, even more than money she said.


When it comes down to doing Live Porn the real person comes out of and it is there where you can actually see the real professional adult model. I usually don’t spend a lot of words in detail, when it comes down to her being herself at the same time making a porn video, just shows what an incredible woman she is.

Said that I have an exclusive, not really that important but no one else yet knows about it, is that there is a Cherry Pimps Facebook Page that is already starting to roll but they still have to announce it officially and therefore I would be the first to give this news, they are updating it however on a daily basis and I think that everybody in anticipation to go there and like the page because what I understand they have a lot of good things to post on their on a daily basis as well.

Asa has a new pornstar profile on

I still find it absolutely remarkable, how Asa Akira Live Porn shows became so popular in such a short period of time, let me make this straight that this adult model actually joined after a very early stage when there were just a few thousand registered members but she was already the main attraction, and considering that she is an ethnic porn, and taking in consideration that the members from Asia are only 15% of the total as far as I have been told by the webmasters that take care of the website, that means that she is popular all over the world, for her looks, but especially for the way that she knows how to handle that cock! Everybody that has seen a live porn video starring gorgeous woman from Tokyo, knows exactly what I’m talking about and where I’m going with this. Them that haven’t, then you need to see one of her videos for free, simply by accessing the archives over at and checking out one of the many incredible two hours long live porn videos.


I can’t believe that there are still many of her fans that have not seen her star in any of her Live Porn Shows yet, I think the first time that I seen her doing it live I was absolutely stunned by everything that she did and the way that she looked and an overall she is 100%, she is and has become overnight from that night one of my favorite porn stars, and if you consider that I am an editor and I have reviewed hundreds if not thousands of these adult models, then I think she can consider that a compliment LOL.

Keep in mind that there are only two websites that offer you live Pornstar Videos one of them is, the other is the one that I have just linked in this paragraph.

Asa is on a roll over at

If you remember some time in the month of May I posted about her joining a website that does Live sex shows and that website was a new trend for all porn lovers, and after a month and a half, and I’m talking about six weeks, this website from 200,000 members is getting close to the 1 million mark, so I can say that it is maybe a little bit more than just a trend, and I’m starting to think that this is the future of porn, this is the future of adult entertainment via the Internet, this actually is better even watching a HD DVD of your favorite porn star, simply because you can watch your favorite porn star getting fucked like what, like it were a real porn video, as it is a real porn video, the only difference that while she is sucking on that Dick or taking it up her ass you’re watching as it actually happens.

Asa however is number one when it comes for Asian porn stars, and how do I know that? It’s pretty simple I went through the over 80 different Asian porn stars listed over at and she is the one that has the most favorites, it is a matter of fact that she doubles the favorites none the runner-up the one that is right behind her but I prefer however not to say her name but I can guarantee you she is close to having 100,000 favorites, that means 10% of the people that all members of that network have her on their favorite list, and that is some sort of record without doubt!


It’s amazing how these Hot Pornstars are now doing their life porn, she actually said in a latest interview that she enjoys it more live that she actually does where they can cut pieces out and edit it, she says being in contact with her fans right up close and personal, is something new and very exciting for her as well, she thoroughly enjoys what she’s doing and she wants to keep doing it more and more often.

One would think that Live Porn Videos would be very expensive to watch, that however is not true, even if one would think so, actually more than one I would say the majority of people would think that something like this is very expensive. What if I told you that a packet of chewing gum costs more than to watch a two hour live porn video, what would you say to that? So if you want to watch Asa or any of the other 1000 porn stars, click on one of the links that I just provided, I really want you to go over there and check it out for yourself, check out the quality, check out the services, but most of all I want you to check out the prices. As a member myself I can guarantee you that there are no hidden fees and customer service is live and then ready to help in everything. Keep in mind I was not paid by this company to write this, as you all know I have been writing reviews since 2002 and I have a reputation, so I always put my name on the line and I read you something, and I’m doing it right now but I am 100% sure that after being a member for the past six weeks of this life sex network, but there is nothing like it in any formal way whatsoever, it’s just here one location!!

Asian Porn becomes Asian Live Porn

I am a huge fan of Asian porn, and when I found out about the union between Asa Akira and live sex videos, I felt like I was going to go through the roof with joy, my favorite porn star that is actually now making from time to time real live streamed porn videos, that means that she will be fucking will be filmed like she usually is, at the same time also be filled with she will be streamed while having sex with male porn star over the web specific websites just like the one I mentioned above. Now tell me if that is not simply a fantastic idea? I’m not talking about specifically her but the concept itself how incredible is that!!

asa akira asian porn cherrypimps

Well the guys over at cherry pimps gave me a free pass in order for me to watch all the live shows, in order for me to review the website how it works and of course review each and every model that has sex live over the Internet, I thank them for this generous gift, but I looked at it this way, if I were to pay for what they gave me it would cost be less than one dollar a day to watch all the live porn I wanted to and the thousands of archived sex shows that have been aired in the past live but in the case that you missed them they keep them in these specific archives, so that you can go back and watch them at any time, and also keep in consideration, that they are unedited, they have not been touched just like they were live!

The concept of Live Porn Videos is a brand-new trend but at the same time it is an extremely fast growing situation as I am a member at and I can see how many people are actually watching each and every show and I was shocked to find out that when Ava Devine was taking it up her ass last week live, there were 92,610 members watching in when I checked and that wasn’t even the peak moment, This simply makes me understand that live sex broadcasted over the Internet will be the new adult entertainment winner in the years to come.

Tight Asian Ass

We always look at Asa Akira and think “Hmmm, hot perky Asian babe”. But she is oh so much more than just perky Asian boobs!

She’s got a tight little Asian ass too!

Asa-Akira hot tight asian ass

And when Asa Akira is on her knees like this and wearing only high heels, well, she’s pretty much telling us exactly what she wants to do!

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